Custom Pool Designs

At Idaho Pool & Spa, we have tailored our design process to zero-in on each of the homeowner's needs and unique personal style. We take great pride in our work and want you to be dazzled by your build. Our pool builders work closely with your individual needs including theme, design elements, future extensions, and flourishes. We also plan our designs keeping in mind hazard concerns like children or pets. Our dedicated staff will work with you to provide you the best quality service and attention to detail to ensure you are fully satisfied with your design.

Pool Design Consultation

The first step is our initial consultation meeting. In this part of the process we discuss your layout goals, budget, address your questions and make suggestions based on our expertise. The goal of this step is to determine and refine design ideas and features you want to include. Feel free to browse our pool portfolio to help jump start your ideas. We will gain a clear vision of what you want and determine which features and elements will best complement your home and backyard. After this, we create a schematic based on this information.

Pool Schematics & Deck Features

Once the schematic is drawn up, we will have another meeting to go over this information with you. The schematic includes a basic design of the pool with the shape, size, structural features, and other applicable custom elements. During this part of the process we make adjustments and add details based on your feedback. You may include other components such as BBQ’s, fire pits, and water features like slides and diving boards.

We also offer your custom designed backyard oasis rendered in a 3D format. This allows you to visualize the project from many different perspectives, and how it would look at different times of day from your home. Details like color changing lights during the moonlit night and the sun shimmering on the water are also demonstrated in these images.

A sample 3D schematic to visualize the project from different aspects and times of day.
Finished Rendering of Pool Finished Pool
A comparison of the rendering and finished product.