Boise Pool Construction

Construction Process

Pool Design Process Step 1: Design Process
The design process is tailored to map out your needs and ideas and to understand what your vision is for your new custom pool. We ask questions and offer suggestions based on our expertise. This is a collaborative process where we can zero-in on your needs and provide a custom design that works best for you.
Obtain Pool Permits Step 2: Permits
Idaho Pool & Spa adheres to all local building codes. Upon your approval of the designs, we submit the plans to the Building Department to obtain the required permits to build your beautiful new pool or spa.
Site Preparation - Excavation Step 3: Site Preparation
This step is where things really begin to take shape! With permits in hand, we will begin to excavate. Following this is the installation of the rebar (reinforced steel), plumbing, and electrical systems.
Adding Shotcrete to Build Pool Step 4: Shotcrete
In this step, we start spraying the concrete, which is called shotcrete. This material is sculpted by hand after it is applied to the framework. After it is allowed to cure, we will install any necessary special features (such as rock waterfalls).
Installing Decking and Tile for Pool Step 5: Decking and Tile
Once the Shotcrete has cured and any special features have been installed, we will install the tile and decking you select.
Plaster Application Step 6: Plaster
The final stage of your pool or spa is the plaster application. Plaster is available in a variety of colors for you to choose from.
Fun in the Pool Step 7: Fun
Now is the time to enjoy your luxurious new pool or spa. Your dream is realized. Entertain your friends and family and invite them for a swim or a soak in your beautiful new custom design. Enjoy!